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Corporate Business Meet/Conferences

We have setup for every business meeting and preferable seating plans, be it a cluster sitting, theater sitting, classroom style sitting, or a boardroom style sitting.



Cluster or team tables, is a similar set up to the banquet style but it is generally used for informal types of events. One can choose between cocktail style or high top tables and seating. The number of tables and chairs depend on the volume of the people.

Theater Sitting.png


Is an seating arrangement where no desk or tables are used and all the chairs are facing in same direction towards the stage where the main speakers or panel is sitting.



It is a classic classroom style set up where tables and chairs are arranged in parallel rows facing the front of the room. It is common for lectures and primarily supports interaction between the speaker and the audience.



A U-Shaped sitting arrangement is just what the name describes- a letter U set up tables and chairs arranged in an open ended shape with participants facing inwards. It is a classic board room set up that enables members to face each other and  the speaker as well.

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We have expertise in organizing the team building activities for the employees of the corporate. Team building activities and games are useful for the employees to develop the better coordination and organizational behavior. These activities can be education or enjoyable, we can arrange for a trainer for these kind of activities.  We can arrange at the corporate location or at any other suitable place and can be clubbed with leisure trip.